Make Your Property The Most Exciting On The Market

Building a property for sale or lease? Electronic Services & Concierge LLC works with contractors and builders to develop smart home solutions. We work closely with architects, interior designers, commercial builders, residential builders, and interior builders from the planning stage to the wiring stage and on to the configuration stage to ensure we design and install home solutions that are affordable, durable and unique.

Home Automation Design And Installation For New Homes

We design home automation systems for newly constructed homes and we can plan our design even before the walls are constructed. We’ll work closely with your electricians to ensure that all cables and wires are exactly where they should be for the integration of lighting, climate/ temperature, audio, television sets, networks, commercial applications, security and other features from just one system. We’ll also integrate the outdoors with the indoors by bringing in landscape, security, cameras, landscape lighting and others into place.

Home Automation Design And Installation For Home Renovations

We work on home renovations and redesigns too – even for commercial projects. We’ll help to design a fully automated system that works flawlessly with your renovation plans, and also use wireless systems so as to ensure that nothing goes amiss during the smart home automation of your renovation project.

Energy Management And Green Home Technology

Want to go green? So can we! We understand how important it is for you to preserve the planet and make the world a better place so we’ll make use of the latest green home technology for your home automation project. Going green doesn’t mean that quality will be compromised in any way. We only work with high quality products, so be sure that you’re getting the best of green technology that will last for years.

MDU Properties

Let our home automation technology raise the prices of your property and residence. We’ll make your media rooms, amenity areas and shared spaces better with the latest home automation technology available. Our home automation systems can be customized as you deem fit. Access can be made localized, centralized or combined as needed for convenience purposes. Make your MDU property the cynosure of all eyes and wow prospective renters with your choice of home automation technology.


Energy Efficient

Our lighting, shade, and climate solutions will improve the energy efficiency of your property.

Minimal Service Calls

Our products are set up for remote access so that we can service your clients faster and reduce on-site calls.

Customer Satisfaction

Our orientation plans will keep your customers confident and we will work with them directly after the property is sold.

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The mission is clear: build systems that simplify all the technology in our homes. Long (Kevin) Nguyen, the owner and technical expert at ESC Electronic Services & Concierge LLC whose entrepreneurial spirit and in-depth knowledge are the foundation of his company, is dedicated to meeting the challenge he set for the home automation firm he launched in 2013...

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