Motorized Shades

Connect your drapes and shades to your home automation system and regulate the sunlight that enters your rooms from your phone.
Motorized Shades
Motorized Shades


There are many benefits to installing custom window treatments in your home: Improved light and temperature control, reduced utility costs and the ability to enhance the look of a new or existing design theme in your home.

Motorization allows you to operate shades, blinds or other coverings using a remote control or a wall panel instead of by hand.

Motorized Shades


Your motorized shades from ESC Home Automation make it simple to adjust large, tall or hard-to-reach blinds and shades.

Expertly installed automated motors offer ease of operation, allowing you to effortlessly and conveniently control the light, heat and view with just the touch of a button.

Motorized Shades


Motorization is also ideal for rooms with many windows, now you can easily lift multiple shades with quiet precision – positioning them exactly where you want them to be.

Too much sunlight can be harmful to home furnishings, floor coverings and artwork. Motorized blinds and motorized shades can be automatically lowered throughout the day to accommodate the setting sun, block harmful UV rays, and protect your valuable interiors.

Motorized Shades


Enjoy greater comfort and energy savings by eliminating harsh glare from television and computer screens, while controlling heat gain and loss.

Take control of your lighting environment and create the perfect atmosphere in every room of you home – enjoy the sunlight and view, or create a more restful, relaxing mood with total privacy.


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